Nicky Loutit - Painter and Author


Over the past few years, words have come into my painting, and images and colours have met words.

The summer is over and now when I walk by the sea, and look into it, I long for those swims I had.


"To be able to vanish completely into a painting, means a painting becomes as real as life; conversely, perhaps it becomes possible to make real life, see real life, above all feel real life as a painting."


I’ve had to leave North Norfolk and have moved to Aldeburgh looking east over the North Sea. I love it.

I’ve been doing a second book - the same format of words and images in watercolour, and also exciting ways of using the paper.

It’s not ready to publish. A lot needs to be worked out.
Meanwhile I have returned to painting - oil colours that I love, on thick paper.

In April I’m participating in a show in Woodbridge with a group of artists I’ve met recently.

I’ll put 3 paintings in, called Going to Church.

Art Space, The Thoroughfare, Woodbridge - from 25th April to Wednesday the 1st May.